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ISSN: 0974-892X


January, 2019



A Dream

Joby John, Lecturer, Mar Augusthinose College, Ramapuram


I dreamt a poem last night,
In the midst of a lightened dome
Where grasses could grow as tall as trees
And winds would usher a vivid symphony.
Within its canvas  a mystery sealed
A beautiful tale , a plot unveiled.

For in my great dread of memories
I saw you, sadness' melancholy
Step on the podium of unbelief
As I trembled in fear conceived
A vision so pure it had ever been
I gazed at you, an immortal scene.

I saw the dream lie dark on those lines
That smoothened the veil of your eyes.
Dreams raid the sleepless souls
As your smile did enforce its powerful hold
I took its grasp and felt us mould
Before my eyes left the end untold.  

But as I stand here alone
Before you, as your own,
Behold I hold something rare
Begotten by your wondrous stare
In this palm lay a dream
You and me besides the stream
Of thoughts that lie ahead of time
Behind the walls of dreamland mime.
If these lines have the serpent notes
I confess to hv charmed them...all alone
And yet....
I dared to drop the anchor hold
As my words can hardly grip anymore
My Nerves in you delight
Oh! the thought, the sound, the sight
I beg you care to hold me tight.

Before I lose myself to this dream
Let the Real perform its grand scheme
And unite our hearts forever more
Never to part, nevermore..