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ISSN: 0974-892X


January, 2019




Dr. Suresh Chandra Pande, Nainital (UK)


Anger-- an offshoot of evil
A spoiler of square deal
Smash up   stability
Ransack  peaceful serenity
Anger as human emotion
Manifests in commotion
To distract human mind
Often  a  fragile kind
Anger  confronts
When issues in fronts
Are disapproved or condemned
Seethe discontent hence  damned
Anger is detrimental
For  the  sentimental
Mess up  human  living
Render  uneasy  feeling.
Blood becomes hot
Thought-world  rot
Currents of hatred
Loom large to perpetrate.
While angry
And much more hungry
Man forgets fair sense
Sanity and true dispense.
Relationships of social norms
Diligently tended  to sunny forms
Often  falls  in blunder
Intellectual wealth to plunder.
An Irritable man
Mental health barely  gain
Disguised as trickster
Verily ! a  swindler.
Anger contaminates
Plays foul
With the enlightened
The illumined.
Thus a slip-up race
To merit a disgrace
Shame on profit
Is anger’s doting outfit.                                                                                                                
Besides beclouding divine image
Anger  has  its own visage
Purification of conduct only
Can toll  its  death-knell  solely.