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ISSN: 0974-892X


January, 2019



O’ Pride ! Leave Me Alone

Dr. Suresh Chandra Pande, Nainital (UK)


O’ Pride ! you  are wicked  in plenty
A   spawn  of  egotism  and vanity                                                                     
You and  you  alone
Have given me pain to moan
Ample of groan and bemoan.
Your  protean  form  is verily a cheater
A  shark,  charlatan  and a  trickster
I  know  not  how  did
You , dawned  to  bid
Into  this vast  world and wide.
O’ Pride  ! I see your haughty demeanor                                                                
Wearing  a  fast-pacing  undaunted  glamour
Underneath  the  mask  of  a glorious  hermit
Your holy vestals exhibit a scrupulous  culprit
In an age of innate   ideas and  of   spirit.
Disguised   as   organizational   power-wielder
Never   self-same  divinity  did you  let  prosper
Ensconced  on  lofty  chair covertly  to  relax
Your rule and the executive  promote a  lax
Neither calm nor quiet  utterly a hex.
O ’ Pride !  you  always  keep  me busy
In vain  arguments , in opinions  tizzy
God’s  being , scripture’s  import
In disagreements of various sorts
Lots of megabucks  wad  your  resort.
Denying the nectar of devotion to my  lips
Concocted  mixture is offered  in sips
To disregard parents and teachers alike
Despise one  and  all  in  literal  dislike
It’s your real  plight  and  virtual  like.
O ’ Pride ! you are an imposter
If  truth  be  told  a misnomer
Making  false  love  you  do  rob
Young-maiden’s  chaste  bob
For  flawless  crop  sure  you  pop.
You and you alone have affianced  me to sin
Rectitude that  no more  now can I win
Feel shy in chanting ,balk in listening
Holy heroic tales of Almighty, glistening
All around the globe in heavens lighening
Get  you  away  impious  pride
You  have ferried   me  many a  tide
Trailed   my  footfalls  for  ages  past
Into  the  world  too wide  and  vast
Leave me now O’  Pride  !  quit
And  let  me have  vision  Divine…………….!