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ISSN: 0974-892X


Jul '20 & Jan '21



Not the Same

Dr. O. P. Arora


No, not the same feat
victory or defeat
it cannot be
it is a different treat…
A huge difference it makes
the entire credence it shakes…
Impossible to ask
you have to wear a mask

you fly
in the sky
among the clouds
whisper to the raindrops…
You are rejuvenated
your entire body pulsated
feel fulfilled
your soul is thrilled…
Excited for the new challenges
spirited to fight for bigger ravages…

you are shattered
your faith in yourself tattered
diffident, you feel defeated
dispirited, you feel cheated
myths don’t straighten your spine
not ready to say, fine…

Positive thinking, fake consort
Philosophical urgings, not a sport
All your dreams dashed out
desperate to shout, no more rout…
Anger and anguish consume your sanity
frustration makes you terribly jittery
depression leaves you hopelessly edgy…
Seems, the entire universe
in conspiracy, traverse
mockery and derision, echoes converse…


Dr. O. P. Arora, a well-known poet, novelist and short story writer. He has taught in Delhi University for nearly four decades.