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ISSN: 0974-892X


Jul 2015 - Jan 2016




Anna G. Raman


There are works of art,
There is a glowing star,
At midnight, the moonlight embraces the mist
Inside a roofless atrium,
There is a cup filled with pleasure to the rim,
There is a man wearing a brown suit
And a woman clad in a white silk sari,
Together, they sip rum
To break the regular rut,
There are endearing shades of rust
On the legs of the creaky stair,
On which they sit,
Their hearts are astir,
Their souls rise like hot air.

It’s on a platter, it’s
A deliciously satisfying truism.



Anna G. Raman's work has appeared in The Stillwater Review, Whirlwind Magazine, Kalyani Magazine, River Poets Journal, The DuPage Valley Review, Sparkbright, and other places online and in print. Her poems have also appeared as part of anthologies such as River Poems published by Lilly Press, and Poems on Ivy Leaves published by the NJ Poetry Society.