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ISSN: 0974-892X


Jul 2015 - Jan 2016



The Psychos

Shobha Diwakar

Rtd. Head Dept of English, C. P. Mahila Mahavidhyalaya, Jabalpur M.P.


The streets these days are full of Romeos’
They share their disturbed plight with those
They call friends….
Little do they know that they need help?
Their destructive energy needs aid
It has to curve for positive gains
The parents sick with fear
Pray for their welfare
Drinks and drugs have ruined their future
No inner voice compels them
Their conscience does not prick
For they bleed their captives  
The Ravanas, the psychos, the leviathans
Clothed and cloaked in the dark
Sprawl even in daylight
They are sex starved
Nothing matters to them
Their seventeen years and ten months
Hails them minors
They are innocent of the consequences
So they are set free, bailed
But what about the abused?

Is there no respite for women anywhere?