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ISSN: 0974-892X


Jul 2015 - Jan 2016



Unlit Fire

Dr. Simmi Gurwara

Professor & Head, Dept. of Professional Development, IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad


What could possibly be the manner
to intently express the unbridled gust of ideas
in their virgin forms.
For practical reasons and unsaid compulsions
the tender saplings are watered down;
made commercially viable
to score the high points of
silly admiration that dominates
and dictates the trendy shapes and sizes
of a still to be born-man’s delight.

Repressive strains of  unsung melodies
lie waste amongst the fast catching up,
full blown duplicate versions
of a rustic note that lives on.

The elegy will be carefully crafted
To mourn the preordained departure

Of a suffocated unlit fire.