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ISSN: 0974-892X


July, 2017



I Wish to Rise up Again

Apra Sharma, NMIMS University, Mumbai (MAH)

The shadows and the dark I fear,
Have reigned over my soul,
For every grin I shed a thousand tears,
Succumb I have to this not in part but whole.
The times have changed,
It's tides against me,
Drowning I feel in this bottomless abyss,
With nothingness to hold me,
And nothing to soothe me.
Dark those days,
And darker those nights,
Comfort my pain but not me
I hide my pain which alas, has become me.
Smiles and glees are aliens,
a giggle a lost memory,
A memory when sunshine and rain were
Signs of calm and peace.
But now this storm is all I have,
I yearn for the rays once more,
I wish to feel the pleasant rain,
I hope to see a day when the grin, the smile and mirth,
Touch the hollowness of my face.
From the bottom of this abyss,
I wish to rise up again,
When this darkness succumbs to the light in me,
I wish times change their tides back into my aid.