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ISSN: 0974-892X


July, 2017



Season of Eros

Dr. Suresh Chandra Pande, Nainital (UK)

Now with the dawn
Of ethnicity’s crown
Thriving multi-culturism
Along with
Multiplying Multiplexes’ sophism
Misnomer modernity
In teasing tendency
As if far-fetched  
Something beyond stretched
A passage of time
Left to pine
Into blankness
Of thankless sky.
The scent of season
From inebriated region
Lilting beauty of spring
Rhythmic rustic dialogues
Rural pastures fed   by eclogues
Cuckoo’s   recurring   coos
Glistening grass and glittering goose
Unique in stretch regales
The bounty of nature happily hails
Buds in blissful sheen
Fields emerald green
Mustard flowers yellowing
Wheat rings streaking
Tender twigs tweaking
Birds singing a symphony
Enlivened air humming a harmony
Golden shoots on mango trees
Heaving in placid sprees
The magic of being
Inside flowering rhododendron forests    
Aye! From distant lands     
EROS on shooting errands
Florid arrows multiplying
Abundance proliferating
Plenty in profusion
Season of Eros.