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July, 2017



Call – Girl

Dibakar Pal, M. Phil., University of Calcutta, Kolkata (WB)

I loved Della. In spite of her poverty she was rich in beauty. She did not care me much because of my callousness. She loved John. John was of devil type. Generally, every girl likes a brave boy. Della was no exception. I also cared John for his dynamic behaviour. Yet I was envious of his popularity as well. I realized that Della choose the right person.  I tried in vain to conquer her heart. She told me have you ever seen your face in the mirror? I was badly criticized thereby sadly hurt. In fact they were mad for each other since they were made for each other.

Della loved John with the intention to be his life-partner. But John only wanted to be her friend. Della asked John, what is love? Loss of vital energy was the reply. John stored his energy to realize his ambition. One day John left Della to join navy. He simply told her, wait till I return. Della promised.

John would write describing his adventures. In his letters he described various experiences of different ports and their men and manners. He would send gift and money as well. But this did not continue for long. Letters became irregular. At last no reply was obtained even after repeated letters. The seaman John was snatched away by the sea forever.

By this time Della’s father died. The girl became an orphan. For her mother died when she was merely a baby. Now Della’s life was changed from beauty to duty. She faced hard reality that reduced her face value. Della tried for several jobs. But none did suit her. At last she joined a contract-service.

Also I was out of home for several years. I knew nothing about Della for her latest development. In fact I forgot her. Recently I returned home. The other day I was in a coffee-house in the morning. I looked in the corner a girl was gossiping with a boy. I recognized Della. At the noon I saw Della with another boy in the lunch. In the afternoon she changed her boy-friend. And in the evening she was found to talk intimately with another man having grave mood. Lastly, she was found in a buffet dinner. Della was alone. Suddenly she approached me. I became restless, for I thought I was going to be her last prey of the night of that very day.

She smiled and uttered, Hello! How are you? I remembered my bad days. Her past disregards rendered me furious. So I told Della, I like not to talk with a call-girl. She became surprised and told, what do you mean? Della, don’t try to be over-smart, I shouted. In a single revolution of the sun you have changed so many partners. You are a fraud. You are a call-girl. Della told, yes I’m a girl who is easily available whenever and wherever she is called on to meet the client irrespective of his status. But, Sir I’m not a call-girl. Then what’s your real identity? I asked her. I’m an insurance agent, was the reply. She also added, today it is my last day to deposit the premium from a client and thus to confirm my job. But none signed a contract- form. That’s why I have approached you.