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ISSN: 0974-892X


July, 2018



Satan’s Kingdom

Dr. G. Manjulatha Devi, Asst. Prof. of English, Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science, Warangal


What an amorphous picture to behold!
Greenery marred and stolen the gold
It is a war of wolves in sheep’s coat
That trampled fields and lands remote

Why? Licensed they are and bodies native
To smuggle the harvest grown sedative
Crime is legal and justice a deal
Bidders fix while sellers kneel

Morals wounded ethics died
Here is the land where blood is dyed
For luxury, on the planet, chastity bartered
Know not the modern it is tattered

Eerie sights glorify the earth
Fossils left sneer at birth
Seasons resign has hurried the land
To produce throughout heaps of sand

Flesh is hungers yummy food
Hosts are plenty to serve the blood
Houses full with animals wild
Forests empty: Dungeons mild

Perilous clouds obscure the Sun
Sleep is long with dreams none
In snug houses bodies rest
Long colonies bedeck the West

Females revile swollen wombs
Brides broody and bare is the groom
Couples discard mutual trust
Off-spring enjoy deep disgust

Gambles play honest game
Viewers watch and glue to same
Poisonous weeds pollute the soil
Healthy life is a futile toil

Lust is fun and fraud is fashion
Dead are dictums for dollar passion
Prayers unsung and melodies rare
God’s abode is a costly fare

Blarney assures affluent life
Be not alarmed this is rife
The world is teeming with Saturn’s retinue
Theism vanished: Peace is new

Primitive fashions beguile the youth
Open eyes see not the truth
Vandals brag of laudable skill
Beauties smashed and landmarks nil

False smiles belie the face
Experts even cannot trace
Cold wind shivers the world
Light on leave and dull is fight

Fresh fruits here eat into health
Diseases surrender only to wealth
Air has everything but Oxygen
Bodies rich in deft antigen

God’s rival is potent here
With all baseness and pals dear
Flourishing the kingdom with Saturn’s pride
Where immortal sinners need not hide.