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ISSN: 0974-892X


Jul '19 & Jan '20



The Unnoticed Lamp

Alex. E. R, Ph.D Full-Time Research Scholar, Department of English, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli-12, Tamil Nadu


Dark Dark everywhere,
I searched for sights and little lights.
Knocked, trembled and bled.
I sensed a lamp in a slot,
lightened and feel blessed.

I am blessed and I can learn,
Guided and directed by its energy.
I bandaged the wounds and oiled my strains.
I can learn, learn, and learn,
litten it and feel blessed

Brightness, brightness everywhere,
In the bright i left the lamp.
But I challenged and finished the task.
Garlands and awards are there,
feel blessed in the end of the day.

Soon darkness….darkness encircled,
But engulfed me not.
Oh! Still there is the unnoticed one.
With little light and little oil exploring,
darkness in my life, I drowned

Yes,You who came before,
From the same place I have.
Payed way for me.
I followed your brightness and achieved,
but no regret for being unnoticed.

Surely You will be honoured,
Honoured by my triumphs.
Honoured by my responsible life.
Honoured by my honours,
Honoured by God…. Amen.