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ISSN: 0974-892X


Jul '19 & Jan '20



A Black Pot

Bindu Rani, Research Scholar, Department of English & foreign Languages, M.D.U. Rohtak (Haryana)


Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
A morning clock rings, a full fathomed sound,
Irritated mind curses the sunlight all around.
How early it disturbs by creating a chaos,
Couldn’t you cease a while?
And adapt with my smile,
Rescinding my rest, nothing is benevolent I found
Adversary black world encircled me around.

How a defeatist man suffering with
Overstepping freak,
Burning midnight oil after the greed.
Moping round the dwelling,
Negating a jingling sound that
Conveying welcome to neoteric life
Remove the dismal fount
The black is a gaffe
Clutter is all inside,
Just open your eyes and see a datum
You are liable for a lack,
Because a black pot is calling a kettle black

Going to work, dispersing again,
If find an astray, crying a lot
Cursing others to produce the course,
Beguiling me and whole across
Scourging for gabbling
And depose for lounge
Ostracize the feeble,
Whose mind is confound!
Repudiating the world on the basis of lousy ground
Which is black, black and black around

How weird mind a man possess
Lingering itself without any tenor
Still expect the world should
Abide by the nimble manner
Running after a pile of pelf
Offending the world not to focus on the work
Never overlook your own flaw
Shouldn’t be your pessimism kept in check
Because a black pot is calling a cattle black

Sipping the day with faults
Wailing over the falls
Peril, peril everywhere
Can’t you see the dark mind is only here!
O’ come on my ally
Just look in the mirror
Point on your bosom, having a little dare
Look at! the darkness is where
Evincing the fact I am illusion free,
Now I could see the darkness in me
Discerned myself and opened the knot
Not this world but I am the black pot.