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ISSN: 0974-892X


January, 2011




(From the January 2011 issue)


Guest Articles


G.A. Ghanshyam
“I was ever a fighter, so – one fight more”: Voices of Dalits from the Margin


Literary Articles & Research Papers


Anita Singh and Rahul Chaturvedi

Facts, Fictions and Fabrications: Historical Representation in Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children


Sudhir K. Arora     

Stephen Gill’s Muse: Humanitarian in Nature


Alpna Rastogi

Quest for meaning and self assertion: A study of Akhila’s Interior Journey in Anita Nair’s ‘Ladies Coupe’


T. Jeevan Kumar

Herta Müller: The Voice of the Dispossessed


Ayobami Kehinde

Two of a kind: Thematic, Ideological and Aesthetic convergences in American and African Literatures


Dr. Abha Shukla Kaushik

Resistance to and Rejection of Western Influences in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things