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ISSN: 0974-892X


January, 2017



Botheration, No Consideration

Dr. A. K. Singh, HOD English, R.B.S College, B. R. A University, Agra, UP

No Consideration!!
Do Meditation
Forsake Frustration

Gain Pleasure
Don't be a Sleazer
Be Optimist
Defeat Pessimists

The time may be yours
If the input is pure,
Success is sure
Conqueror's cure

Do your best
Forget the rest,
Rush for the next
Life is a test

Win or lose
Don't be morose,
Keep on smiling
Leaving agonizing.

Be patient..... !!!
God has given equal to all
Don't blame His system at all
Use given His power
Bathing in his Holy shower

Think and, Offer Him thanks
He is our holy father
Live like a monk
If this a consideration!
No botheration! No botheration!