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January, 2017




Guest Article


Dr. Neerja A Gupta
Migration of Women Indentured and Their Narratives by Women Writers: Jahajin by Peggy Mohan


Literary Articles & Research Papers


Dr. D. Sudha Rani
South Asian Diasporic Theatre: A Critical Overview

Dr. Sumathi Shivakumar
Eternalising Cultural Memory through Cultural Parallels in Literary Narratives

Dr. Praveen Kumar
Poetry as a Social Act: A Study of O.P. Bhatnagar’s Poetry

Aju Mukhopadhyay
Victims of Lust: Women in Saadat Hasan Manto’s Short Stories

Dr. Vinita Jain
Women in the Novels of Namita Gokhale

Dr. Sushama Kasbekar
“Death” Theme in Emily Dickinson’s Poem

Ms. Shamayita Sen
Family  as  a  Space  of  Political  Resistance  in  the  Context  of  the  Indian  Emergency – Reading  Rohiton  Mistry’s  A  Fine  Balance  in  Juxtaposition  with  Salman  Rushdie’s  Midnight’s  Children

Dr. Payal Bhardwaj
Nayantara Sahgal an Indian English Novelist as well as a Political Activist & Columnist:A Perspective through her Novels ‘A Situation in New Delhi’ & ‘Rich like Us’