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ISSN: 0974-892X


January, 2017



Winter Wardrobe

Dr Simmi Gurwara Professor & Head, Department of English, GNIT, Greater Noida.

White muffler-wrapped fog,
Blur the vision, arteries clog.
Struggling masses, slow rush make,
Dew moist faces signaling late.
Traffic snarls screaming low,
Levelling all- lowly, highbrow.
Weather-weary travelers wait in tow,
Bee-lined, gasping, let haste blow.
Slippers, sandals, branded boots,
Cars, comforts and casual brutes.
Teasers titter, warmth goes blight,
Weatherly wool screen sunlight.
Silent songs of nightingale;
Leaves drooping, dull and pale.
Men when gossip frosty chill,
Women coffee, tea mugs fill.