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ISSN: 0974-892X


January, 2017



You & Them

Dr Simmi Gurwara Professor & Head, Department of English, GNIT, Greater Noida.

Tell me why?
Why do you enforce intemperate scrutiny, bans, restrictions and endless reservations on every change that challenges your reason?
What for?
You think it will mold the body and kill the mind of all its thinking and rationalizing prowess?
You know you could never ever be more wrong.
Individuality to you is a formidable crime which must be punished by the uncultured clowns,
But one kill inspires innumerable others, to follow the same, squirming in your tyrant arms.
You silence the voices that dare to vocalize what their body demands and their mind patronize,
You have committed-
The murder most foul to feed your frustrated and demented designs,
You haven’t killed a body, you know, you have silenced a new-born cackling spirit that wanted to fly in the open skies.
You justify your act like a phony preacher who sets a high moral ground for his congregation thinking it will set an example to all who attempt to go astray, but
Dead spirits will be reborn to haunt you out of your heady cocoon where you cuddle your whims and heal your wounds
To make you see the wrongs that you righted
In your neurotic state and halcyon days
Wait for the time when the seasons change and searing sun-burnt rays stab your depleting flame,
It will redefine the age-old dogmas inscribed in your blood and veins,
To replace them with a modern phrase that respects the fiery fairer sex.