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ISSN: 0974-892X


January, 2018



O Sweet Benign Pen

S. L. Peeran, Bengaluru


O loving pen! The blessed pen! The wise one!
Do not lay down silently, in moroseness,
In grief, melancholy,dejection and pain,
On the assault on age old values,
On the destruction of culture, on the setting of Sun
On calm, tranquil livings and its myths
That united hearts, cheered up young
And old, hand in hand moved about
Prayed in shared religious spaces
Called on the One,the Unseen
Who in His Grace blessed this 'maya',
This drama of every day rigmarole
Of life of cheer and happiness
Of growth, decay and rejuvenation
Of rainbow coloured mirth and pleasures.

O benign pen,do not deride the myth
Of moon eyed hoories, rivers of milk,honey,
Of one day being equal to thousand nights,
Of our daily strenuous cores of hard life.

O pen! Remember the One who blessed you
With words of learned length
And thundering sound, of bell of joys
Charming words, words of all hues
To express your inner feelings,inner joys.
To plead for your griefs, your melancholia.
You composed songs that letters sings
To keep your inner sorrows at bay.

O pen do not be dismayed at pretty
Girls being abducted, pushed into flesh trade
On deflowering forcibly of lovely women
On young smiling babes being abducted
Charming maidens defaced with acids.
Pushed and thrown to vultures with "Triple words".

O sweet pen sing your serene songs
Keep the desolate sweet hearts cheerful.
Keep the candle of hope burning.
Let the charms of life delight the beings.
Let Sunrise and Sunset be cheerful.
Lament not on the onset of floods and fury.
On breakdown of blessed cycle of life.
Million hands work in harmony and peace.

O benign pen! Bless those unseen hands.
Your million letters scripted wisdom
To ensure the new saplings to gain strength.

O life! Be not desolate on your break down,
Missing songs of innocence, mirthful living.
Restore the faith in the unseen
Who every moment blesses His loved
Humanity to remain for ever in peace, tranquility.