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January, 2018




Guest Article


Dr. S. C. Pande
The Poetry of DC Chambial: A Flavour and a Fragrance


Literary Articles & Research Papers


Dr. Bulbul Gupta
Crisis of identity in Lady Windermere’s Fan

Dr. Arun Khevariya
Shattered Dreams and Disillusionment : Economic Determinism in Steinbeck’s In Dubious Battle and Of Mice and Men

Ajmal Sameed
Bond’s Bond with Nature

Dr. Manjusha Kaushik
Trapti Joshi
Chetna (Consciousness) in the poetry of William Wordsworth: A study in the light of Patan̄jali’s Yogasūtra

Mohd. Sajid Ansari
What about our own roots? : Problematizing Female Identity in Rashid Jahan’s ‘Behind the Veil

Divya Thyagarajan
“My Body Barren Forever!” - An Analysis of Yerma's Contradictory Condition (sterility in spite of fertility) in Federico Gracía Lorca's Yerma

Rajesh Thakur
An Analysis of Migratory Slavery in The Novel ‘PARADISE’ by Abdulrazak Gurnah

Poonam Arora
Dr. Chhote Lal

Aesthetic of Poetry of Postmodernism Poets

Suman Bhagchandani
Behind the Bombay Buildings: A Study of Life in the Slums in Literary and Visual Media

Dr. Sumathi Shivakumar
A Leader par Excellence: Kanakadasa as an Administrative and Spiritual Leader in Dr Basavaraj Naikar’s Kanakadasa, the Golden Servant

Vinayak Yashraj
Smriti Singh

Understanding and Transcending Borders in Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines

Vibhuti Singh
Communal Discord in Dattani’s ‘Final Solutions’