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ISSN: 0974-892X


January, 2018



My Masters Voice

S. L. Peeran, Bengaluru


I live for Him, suffer for Him, constantly repeat His name.
He is in my self, my soul, my breath, my veins, my blood.
Who is He? A Creative force, all around me is that force,
In energy, in plants, animals, creatures, the Great Artist.
He creates art, paints lovely scenes, figures through artist.
He gives creativity, imagination to create new things, ideas.
I am not what my great, great grandfather was.
My son, grandson are different, each one for new age.
Music has changed, so has dance and movies.
I see a great order, a great harmony of my Master.
He calls me to witness His 'Maya', His awe and wonder.
I hear Him through His creation, through songs of birds,
The clarion call from hawkers, from strike of smithies on iron.
O Love! You hear and see me and my actions.
Do not beshame me on the day of Judgment and reckoning .
Let me melt in You, evaporate like vapor in your love.
Let love consume me, single me not from You.
Let Your Mercy and Compassion enlighten me.