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ISSN: 0974-892X


January, 2018



O Sufi Hallaj, Sufi Sarmad

S. L. Peeran, Bengaluru


Now the sentence has been passed.
Appeal to all forums rejected,
I have been handed over to the executioner.
Where does my voice reach for justice?
My lamentations, my cry in vain,
My voice gets stifled and silenced.
My body would be torned asunder,
Like that of Sufi Hallaj, Sufi Sarmad.
But later only to be revered
By cherishers of Truth, valuers of humanity.
My grave will be turned into a Mausoleum.
Agar, frankincense will be burnt.
Wishes and offerings would be made,
Strips of cloths would be tied in a nearby tree.
Lovers would holding hands seeking blessings.
Sick would turn up seeking cure.
O Love! Thou destroyer now becomes cherisher.
I perish in You to be revered.