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ISSN: 0974-892X


January, 2018



Pardon and illumine me!

S. L. Peeran, Bengaluru


I am that Adam who stood alone,
My eyes transfixed on His feet;
My paramour Eve with tearful eyes.
I am in that state from ages, centuries,
Millenniums, eras, from billion years.
I am that Shiva, that Mahavira,
That Buddha, those Prophets, those Saints.
All emerging from me, I in them.
I was belittled, brought down
From the pedestal of honor,
From prestige, from glory,
To this dismal position till eternity.
Every one of my progeny in every era,
Has been guilty of hate, passion,
Have hanged Truth on the cross,
Have stoned them to death,
Guillotined, bombed, destroyed.
Yet have not found humility,
To seek pardon for shameful deeds.
O Love! The Cherisher show Thy face,
Thy effulgence to illumine me.