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ISSN: 0974-892X


July, 2013




(From the July 2013 issue)


Literary Articles & Research Papers


J. K. Verma
Professor,  Dept. of English Studies, Dayalbagh Eductional Institute, Deemed University, Dayalbagh, Agra

Separating the Dancer from the Dance? A Re-evaluation of Esoteric and Aesthetic Systems


Bijender Singh
Asstt. Professor, Maharshi Dayanand University, Indira Gandhi P.G. Regional Centre, Mirpur (Rewari) Haryana

Far From the Maddening Crowd: Krishan Nath in Kinnar Dharmalok


Tanu Gupta
Associate Professor, Dept. of Humanities and Social Sc. , M M University, Mullana
Anju Bala Sharma
Research Scholar, Dept. of Humanities and Social Sc. , M M University, Mullana

Survival Strategies of Women: A Study of Githa Hariharan’s The Thousand Faces of Night and When Dreams Travel


Fauzia Khan
Research Scholar, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Dayalbagh, Agra

Plight of Widows in Bapsi Sidhwa’s Novel “Water”


Satish Kumar Harit
Associate Professor, Dept. of English, J. N. Vyas University, Jodhpur
Charulata Verma 
Lecturer in English, Dr. B.R.A. Govt. P.G. College, Sriganganagar (Raj.)

The Great Pool of Ramayana Tradition: Its Open Borders and Hybridity


Sana Niazi
Research Scholar, Department of  English, A.M.U., Aligarh

English in the Indian Context in Poile Sengupta’s Keats was a Tuber


Vibhuti Singh
Research Scholar, NAS College, Meerut

Contemporary Themes in Select  Plays of Mahesh Dattani


Dr Madhu D Singh
Associate Professor and Head, Dept. of English, SGRR (PG) College, Dehradun

E B Browning: A Torch Bearer of Human Rights