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ISSN: 0974-892X


July, 2007




(From the July 2007 issue)


Guest Articles


Jasbir Jain
Ladki Ki Jaat: Women, Theory and Culture


Literary Articles & Research Papers


Sudha Bhandari Anand
The Feminine Image in Fiction By Women


Malti Agarwal

Lives At Crossroads: Women In Chitra Divakaruni’s Arranged Marriage


Sangeeta Das

Eulogizing Women in the Fictional Works of Sharat Chandra Chattopadyay


Archana Trivedi

Dimple's Neurotic Behaviour in Bharati Mukerjee's Novel 'Wife'


Abha Shukla Kaushik
Feminism: An Overview


Ram Sharma

Empowerment of Women through the Character of Rosie in R.K. Narayan's 'The Guide'