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January, 2023




Literary Articles & Research Papers


Dr. Prasanna Deshpande

The Struggle over Righteousness - Dharma in S.L. Bhyrappa’s Novel Parva- a Tale of War, Peace, Love, Death, God and Man

Dr. Sumbul

Moral Dilemma in the Novels of John Updike 

Rekha and Dr. Beena Agarwal

Poile Sengupta’s Alipha : A Feminist Study


Dr. Raju Parghi

Elements of Ecofeminism in The Serpent Mother

Dr. Ramnath Kesarwani

The Voice of Protest: Meena Kandasamy’s When I Hit You: Or A Portrait of the Writer as a Young Wife


Dr. Kh. Kunjo Singh
Fictionalisation of History in Basavaraj Naikar’s The Sun of Freedom